PeopleSoft Project Partners

from Fit/Gap to Hypercare - and everything in between


Pairsaan's PeopleSoft teams consist of experienced Program Mangers, Project Managers, Functional & Configuration experts, Developers, Data Migration specialists, Cutover Specialists, Change Management Specialists, and Trainers.  



Pairsaan provides expert-level, hands-on assistance with PeopleSoft Configuration & Customization, Upgrades, and Migrations - whether you're moving from a legacy system or as a result of mergers and acquisitions.   



What do our clients say about us? 

"You exceed our service expectations, every time"

"For my team, you are

the only ones I go to"


Why Pairsaan?

Our sole focus is PeopleSoft.  That's it.  From Fit/Gap to Hypercare and everything in between!  Each expert on or team of Consultants has a minimum of 10 years and an average of 20 years of PeopleSoft-specific experience, so you can trust we know the system.  From our Program Managers to our Functional Specialists to our developers... Pairsaan knows PeopleSoft. 


We take pride in bringing PeopleSoft expertise to our clients. Whereas other expensive partners provide you one Senior Consultant (not necessarily even system specific experts) and the rest are junior people that are learning the system on YOUR dime.  We don't think that's really fair for you, the client.  For projects this important and of this magnitude, don't you deserve to have qualified specialists?  We think so!  

At Pairsaan, our model is budget friendly and offers hands-on expertise.  Not just theories and road maps, but the right people with sound expertise in similar projects to stand with you and make sure you can deliver the project on-time and on-budget with minimal business impact/interruption.